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CH TWICE AS NICE SEVEN MONKEY FURY JW (IMP SWE) - Co Owned with his Breeder Sanna Wrisnig


Show Highlights


Kennel Club Junior Warrant Finals Crufts 2018 Runner Up

Group Shortlist The National 2017

CC & BOB The National 2017

CC & BOB City Of Birmingham 2018

CC & BOB Richmond 2018

CC City of Birmingham 2019

RCC Windsor 2018

RCC Bath 2018

RCC Manchester 2018

RCC City of Birmingham 2017

RCC Chinese Crested Dog Club 2017

RCC Bath 2017

RCC City Birmingham 2016


Crufts 2016 1st MPD

Boston 2016 1st PD & RBD

UK Toy 2016 BPIB

European Dog Show 2016 EXC3 Junior

Open Shows PG1, PG2, PG3, PG4 and BPIS4, 2 x G4, 3 BOB, 3 RBOB & 5 BPIB

BPIB, RBOB & BPIS4 Birmingham Toy Show – his first show!

#4 Top Male and #8 Overall Breed Club Leagues 2017 from just 15 shows

#5 Top Male and #9 Overall Breed Club Leagues 2016


Loki truly is a dream come true for me. I have always admired the Twice As Nice Lines and found them in nearly all of the pedigrees of dogs that I liked, and I dreamt one day of having one. I knew a litter was planned and then on my birthday 2015 saw they had been born the day prior. Long story short the fates someone won through and in October we went to collect this absolutely stunning boy and he will be co owned with Sanna. I really cannot thank her enough for making this dream come true and im so very excited about our boy’s future.

Loki started his show career and with a bang! At Birmingham Toy he won a big Junior Class and then took RBOB and BPIS4! He also managed RBOB at Cambridge CS show despite being rather full of himself and then at his first Champ show he won a large PD class and got RBD behind Joker. He also came 2nd from 14 puppy dogs at Manchester and won his class at Crufts but was a little over exuberant to go further lol. He went to a further 4 opens shows and from top judges picked up a PG1, PG2, PG3 and PG4, along with two Adult G4s, 3 BOBs and another RBOB. At UK Toy he won BPIB under respected breed specialist Lisa McKenzie and then he not only Matched that at WELKS under Liz Stannard, but also took the RCC to his kennel mate who took the CC. City of Birmingham saw him show like a dream and take the RCC under Liz Cartledge so now has 2 RCCs all before turning 14 months old! Loki also went to the European Dog Show in Brussels and was placed EXC3 amongst some of the top winning Junior dogs in Europe, so we were thrilled with that and the also attained his Junior Warrant. He then took most of the winter off to allow him to mature but won his class at Boston and was placed Reserve from a class of 16 At Crufts in his first Mid Limit. He came back out at UK Toy to win his class and then at the National won his class and then the DCC and BOB under Jean Lanning. As if that didn’t make our day enough he then was shortlisted in the group under Frank Kane so just an amazing day! Loki entered his first Limit class at Bath this year and won it and the RCC under Johan Juslin from Finland and was shortlisted to the last three males at Southern Counties, before gaining another RCC at the Chinese Crested Dog Club Championships so in a super strong class and big entry under Annette Oliver. He then continued to win very limit class he was entered in barring one, so making a total of 8 out of 9 before winning his way out and also added another RCC at City of Birmingham under Luis Pinto Teixera. He started 2018 well winning Open Dog at Manchester and then his 6th RCC under Jeff Horswell and then winning his 7th at Bath under Andreas Schemel and his 8th at Windsor under Andrew Stewart and only show very limited so far this year. Loki was shown again at City of Birmingham and won the CC and BOB under Jean Lanning again who was a replacement judge and then at Richmond under Harry Tast he won another CC and BOB so now just one more to go to make it official! In 2017 he also qualified for the Junior Warrant Semi- Finals at Discover Dogs and there qualified for 2018 Final at Crufts. It was an absolute honour to be in the big ring in March and Loki really showed well – infact well enough to be awarded the overall Runner up by Judge Robin Newhouse! No words can explain how happy we are and proud of Loki and cannot thank the judges (Stephen Bardwell, Liz Stanndard, Robin Newhouse) enough for thinking so highly of him. We will be on cloud 9 for a long time! Loki has taken some time out in 2019 to allow his Kennel mates a chance but has been shown a few times and we are beyond delighted that at City of Birmingham under Bill Browne-Cole he won Open Dog and then his Crowning CC making him our 4th UK Champion. To say we are beyond delighted is an understatement – we are beyond thrilled! Thank you to all judges who have thought so highly of Loki who is always a real challenge to handle as he just loves to Go go go! Loki will not continue to take a back seat whilst his other mates pursue their titles.

Pedigree: http://www.chinesecrested.no/en/registry/128287/Twice+as+Nice+Seven+Monkey+Fury.html