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Pee Wee


Well this little chap is not Chinese Crested hairless for sure, he is a very Long haired Chihuahua, but we couldn’t leave him off as he is such an integral part of our ‘pack’! Pee Wee is a true character; loud and proud! He loves to show at companion shows and his dashing looks always hold him in good stead, gaining him many wins including Dog of the Year in 2008. He is the perfect mixture of boisterous and shy and won’t let any of the Cresties push him around – in fact he usually does the bossing!!  Sadly we had to say goodbye to Pee Wee in 2021 due to CHF at the age of 13.   We are so sad to lose him and hate not having any Chihuahuas in the house now -  it just doest feel the same.