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Solino’s Braveheart - Kamikaze


Kami is a total headcase of a dog! Always on the go, always fooling around and making us laugh and forever full of fun he is a bundle of laughs to have around. He has learnt to talk and likes to howl to get your attention or if he wants something! Kami is only just starting out in the showring but has already won several BPIB at open shows and is Crufts Qualified! We look forward to having a lot of fun with this crazy boy in once he has matured and send big thanks to Iris for allowing us to have this very special boy and clown!

Devastatingly on 20th September 2017 Kami decided to run off chasing something on his walk and somehow found his way onto a main road and was sadly killed. This truly has broken our hearts and remains so difficult to come to terms with. Kami was so full of life and the happiest dog in the world and he will leave a big hole in our world.

Pedigree: http://www.chinesecrested.no/en/registry/108761/Solino.s+Braveheart.html