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Solino’s Demolition Man (Imp Deu)


Show Highlights


BPIB Driffield 2013

BPIB Boston 2014

RBD Boston 2014

Puppy Stakes Win


When Iris repeated the mating of Bond’s Parents and the combination had another HL boy, I just knew he had to join us and Iris was kind enough to oblige and entrust us with him.  Rambo is a happy boy full of life and is a total sweetheart!  At his debut show weekend at just 6 months he won BPIB, RBOB, PG4 and then The Puppy Stakes and to top it off was 2nd in RBOB stakes against the adults. He also achieved BPIB at Driffied under Gary Thomas.  He was Crufts Qualified 2014 and won BPIB and RBD at Boston in January under Leila Tarabad.  Rambo grew on a little too much so is not longer shown, but remains a fun part of the family and a lovely representation of a THL dog in terms of construction and dentition.  

Pedigree: http://www.chinesecrested.no/en/registry/115151/Solino.s+Demolition+Man.html