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Show Highlights


Group Short list East of England

BOB & CC East of England 2015

BOB & CC Manchester 2016

BOB & CC The National 2016 Gaining his Crown!

BOB & CC Bath

RCC Manchester 2015 from his Second Junior Class

RCC Bath 2015

BCC East of England 2018

RCC WKC 2015

RCC Richmond 2015

RCC Three Counties 2016

BPIS Chinese Crested Dog Club Championship Show 2014 from nearly 40 puppies

BIS Chinese Crested Dog Club Show 2015

BPIB Leeds 2014 & 6 BPD

Overall Show Reserve Pro Plan Pup Of The Year Driffield

JW obtained at 10 months of age

ShCM Obtained from just 8 shows

Multi Group and Puppy Group Wins at Open Shows

2015 Top Male and #2 Overall - Breed Club League Tables

#2 Male Chinese Crested Dog World Top Dog 2016


Having followed this litter from early on as it really caught my eye, I was utterly delighted when Sylwia agreed for this very special boy to come join our family. We went in April 2014 to collect him and could not be happier with the wonderful boy we brought home.

Kiddy is a cracking young man with a super temperament and is a total sweetheart. He made his ring debut at The National and won MPD and then BPD and a week later at SKC won a very strong PD class. He has also won a Pro Plan POTY class under breed specialist the late Bob Brampton at Bath and then at Driffield came reserve to the overall show winner under Geoffrey Davies. He achieved a total of 10 Champ show wins and obtained his JW at just 10 months of age with 30 champ show and 4 open show points. At his first open show he gained a G2 and PG2 and then aG1 and PG1 at his second open show and then many more group wins followed. He has also won BPIB at Leeds, 6 BPD and BPIS at the CCDC Champ show under toy specialist Rita Morgan and a RBPIS.

2015 started well with him winning his first RCC at Manchester under Margaret Boulcott. He then took BEST IN SHOW at the Chinese Crested Dog Club show under Fred Ellingford, from an open class full of ticket winners and still a junior! Bath saw another RCC awarded to him, this time from Ray Parry from winning Limit dog, and then at East Of England under Stephen Bardwell who was a change of judge, Kiddy won Open, CC, BOB and was shortlisted in the group under Zola Rawson! We are ecstatic! Another RCC came at WKC under Kevan Berry from Limit Dog and then again from Open Dog at Richmond under breed specialist Julie Hockhold. Kiddy also gained his ShCM from just 8 shows most as a puppy, so we are very grateful for all the judges lovely comments of Kiddy!

To top the year off Kiddy has come in as top male and overall #2 Crested in the breed club league tables!

2016 started well for Kiddy, at Boston he won open stakes and then at Manchester he won a very strong open class, his second CC and BOB under Martin Freeman. Then at The National he won open again and his third and crowning CC from Zola Rawson who had shortlisted him in the group last year when he got his first CC! Following on at Bath Kiddy won his fourth CC again with BOB under Tom Mather which was more than the icing on the cake! He also took another RCC under Andreas Schemel at Three Counties before taking the latter part of the year off. To say we are thrilled is an understatement! He is our second sole owned Champion and we are absolutely delighted with his achievement all before turning and not yet 2 and a half as well! Big thank you to all judges who have appreciated his qualities and to his breeder!

We are so pleased with what a happy boy Kiddy is and thank all judges for liking him so much and the super critiques. Kiddy still has a lot to offer, but will be staying at home to leave way for his younger mates, but will I am sure will male a couple of appearances in the future to allow him to do what he loves so much!

Pedigree: http://www.chinesecrested.no/en/registry/119073/Just+Kidding+of+Angel.s+Legacy.html